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Showing clarity of vision through painting

Carmela Kolman was a gifted artist; pieces she created in high school 
earned her admission to the Rhode Island School of Design and the 
masterâEUR^(TM)s program at Yale UniversityâEUR^(TM)s School of Art.

Then she had surgery and got her vision back âEUR" and quit painting for 
seven years.

</>Howard Mallory, 1930-2012
Blind artist specialized in ceramics and masks made of everyday things

Ceramist and sculptor Howard Mallory had a gift for finding beauty in 
the commonplace.

"He started using found objects in his art in the late 1990s, after he 
became legally blind," said his wife, Lessie, of her husband's 
adjustment to glaucoma that was diagnosed in the mid-1970s. "He saw art 
in everything."

Most of his artworks with found objects were masks commemorating such 
African-Americans as Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman as well as more 
general African themes.

Seeing Blindness
NICOLAS POUSSIN, "Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun

Was Van Gogh Color Blind?
But a Japanese medical scientist now contends that Vincent's unique 
color palette was literally a function of his vision---specifically, a 
kind of color blindness. According to this researcher, Van Gogh's 
unforgettable wheatfields and starry nights stick in our minds because 
they lack a color component most of us can see in nature.



asada's memorandum

notesThe Day I Saw Van Gogh's Genius in a New Light


Chromatic Vision Simulator 2.0

"Chromatic Vision Simulator" is an experience tool which simulates color 
vision of color vision deficiencies.
This software makes and shows you a simulated video from built-in camera 
in real-time.

  * Shows you how people with a specific type of color vision deficiency
    (dichormat) see the world.
  * Supports "Normal Color Vision," "Protanope," "Deuteranope" and
    "Tritanope" color deficient type.
  * Lineups both versions for iOS devices and android devices. The iOS
    version is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod, and the
    Android version is worked on various Android devices. You can bring
    it always with you and check out colors at anywhere.


Art Strings


Japanese Scientist Says Vincent van Gogh Was Colorblind --- But Does it 


Great lecture

"Van Gogh's Yellow Pallette" by Wilfred Niels Arnold

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