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15th BPA car rally to kick off tomorrow


Accessibility is vitally important for people with disabilities and 
older mobile users
"As a Londoner, I use the tube a lot, and have downloaded Tube Deluxe to 
help me navigate it," says PR executive Tim Lovell, who is also colour 
blind. "Many think of the London Underground map as one on the pinnacles 
of design, but it does fall down for people who are colour blind. The 
colours of the Hammersmith & City line and the Waterloo & City line are, 
for example, almost indistinguishable to me. To its credit, Transport 
for London does have a colour blind map available to download, but I'm 
yet to find a London Underground app, which there are plenty of, that 
makes use of it."

Making Astronomy Accessible for Blind and Partially Sighted People

 From an early age children are taught about the world of Space.
 From the very first steps that man ever took on the moon, to the 
speculated possibility of alien life on another Planet.

For decades science fiction has dominated a large portion of the media. 
Children are fascinated by blockbusters such as Stephen Speilburg's 
*"ET,"* George Lucas' cult classic "*Star Wars,"* and the all time 
classic BBC's *"Doctor Who."* With all these influences it's no wonder 
why children announce that cultivated saying

Living Paintings organization
A FREE library of Touch to See books bringing to life the visual world 
for blind and partially sighted people


Blind man uses his ears to see

Kenai kids learn art through 'tactile' lessons

The Tactile Rubik's Cube for the Blind

Blind student creates adaptive learning tools for visually impaired

Molecular biosciences and biotechnology senior Ashleigh Gonzales lost 
her eyesight as a 13-year-old. A lack of tools for visually impaired 
science students threw up obstacles in her academic life.

While her visual impairment offers challenges in learning, it inspired 
Gonzales to contribute to technology development to minimize these 

Gonzales inspired the creation of 3-D tactile boards in a program called 
3-D IMAGINE, which is used to help visually impaired students learn 
material without the help of a lab aide.

These boards are made from a cheap plastic in a machine that can carve 
detailed pictures pertaining to each course into the plastic


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