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MIT's EyeRing sees for the visually impaired

To use it, you double-click a little button on its side and speak a 
command to determine the ring's function (it can currently be set to 
identify currency, text, prices on price tags, and colors). Point at 
whatever you'd like more information about---a shirt on a store rack, 
for instance---and click the button to snap a photo. The picture is sent 
via Bluetooth to your smartphone, where an app uses computer-vision 
algorithms to process the image and then announce out loud what it sees 
("green," for example, denoting the color of the shirt). The results are 
also shown on the smartphone's screen.

Birmingham Museum of Art offers 'Grand Tour' for visually impaired 
guests (photo gallery)

  Blind Photography

        The Strand 07/08/2012 </programmes/p00w6bvk>

video Duration: 6 minutes

Two visually-impaired photographers, Andrew Follows and Rosita McKenzie, 
talk about the art of blind photography on the eve of their new 
Edinburgh Festival exhibition Through The Looking Glass, Dimly.


        The Strand 07/08/2012 </programmes/p00w6bvk>

  Visually impaired vie to shoot Kailash Kher`s music video

New Delhi: A group of visually challenged people is competing to qualify 
to shoot a new music video for popular singer Kailash Kher.

One of the many entries for his competition, Kathagaan, is from a group 
called Blind With Camera. The group trains visually challenged people to 
shoot pictures.

Kher`s company, Kailasa Records, recently launched the contest, wherein 
the participants are required to shoot their versions of one of his 
three songs 'Babbaji', 'Ujaale Bannt Lo' and 'Kathagaan' from his latest 
album 'Kailasa Rangeele'. The best entries will become the official 
music videos of the respective songs.


Partho Bhowmik, the group`s initiator, hopes they win the golden chance.

    Vision Possible <http://news.chinavision.org.uk/?p=652>


*China Daily*


31st July 2012

Vision Possible
By Shi Yingying

Almost blind, Jin Wei didn't let this stop him from pursuing his love 
for photography. Shi Yingying reports in Shanghai.


ChinaVision Blog <http://news.chinavision.org.uk/>


God Money and Politics:
English attitudes to blindness and touch, from Enlightenment to
integration, is now available on in e-book Kindle edition.

Man helps visually-challenged people 'see' things as never before  <http://tribune.com.pk/story/399644/man-helps-visually-challenged-people-see-things-as-never-before/>

*Galvanised by his desire to improve the lives of the visually-impaired, 
Shahzad Zaidi has been burning the midnight oil for the past five years 
in order to develop "tactile graphics", which, according to him, help 
them 'see' through their hands.*

He has created over 100 low-cost learning aids and games for the 
visually-challenged. These include Urdu and English alphabet books with 
pictures, a science book which depicts a solar system and cross-section 
of a cell, colouring books, maps and games such as tic-tac-toe.

Zaidi started designing these learning aids after his son, Ali Ghazi, 
lost his eyesight because of Stevens-Johnson syndrome. He recalled how 
Ali was once asked to remember the names of different shapes as a 
homework assignment. Zaidi felt that it was pointless for a 
visually-challenged person to simply remember the name of a shape 
without having a mental image of it. "It was then that I created a book 
filled with shapes for my son," he said.


New exhibition in Edinburgh showcases the work of blind photographers

*An exhibition showcasing the photography of blind and partially sighted 
people is to open in Edinburgh.*

The display features work by people with a range of sight loss 
conditions, all of whom are members of the Revealed Visually Impaired 
Photographic Group.

The group was set up three years ago and now meets monthly at the 
Edinburgh headquarters of sight loss charity RNIB Scotland.


Photography by the Visually Impaired -- Samsung Insight

Very few campaigns manage to touch your heart and soul forever. Samsung 
Insight is once such campaign. Keep your box of tissues handy while 
viewing this one here. Don't tell me that I dint want you on this one.

*The Challenge*
Samsung Electronics was number one in the compact digital camera market. 
People already knew that they made great cameras. The company wanted 
people to see that it was a thoughtful brand with a deep philosophy, 
too. What was the best way for Samsung to show its humanity and connect 
with people?



"Shooting Blind" -- Seeing With Different Eyes

"Every Tuesday, a group of visually impaired photographers come together 
in Manhattan, New York City. Some of the people attending are partially 
blind, while others have suffered from visual degeneration at an early 
age, or they were born blind. The name of the group is Seeing with 
Photography Collective (SWCP). 


*Lifting the Blindfold;The Seeing With Photography Collective *
*What Do Blind People Want From a Museum or Art Experience? *
*What's Possible? Art Education for the Blind *

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