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Visually Impaired in Lebanon learn Photography!
Muhannad learns to see from his ears, instead of his eyes, relying on 
the sense of hearing, as he is blind. He can't see but the darkness that 
prevails in front of him, and in spite of that, the picture does not 
come out of focus when he shots it, using his small camera.

A different lens

When Krishna took her first photograph, he thought it was a snake he was 
capturing on camera. When the picture was developed, it turned out to be 
flower. But now, children like Krishna, who have varying degrees of 
visual impairment have come up with a whole photo exhibition.

These 10 children have broken the misconception that photography is not 
for the visually impaired. They are now confident they can be ace 
cameramen. All it took was a four-day session on photography.


A prelude to include
Disability is not inability. The truth was reinforced at a recent 
exhibition that showcased photographs taken by ten visually-impaired 
children in Mumbai.

Urging people not to treat disabled persons differently, Prasanna 
Pincha, Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities at the Centre 
lauded the government's recent notification issued by the Disability 
Affairs Department on May 12 which proposes creation of a separate 
ministry for the disabled. Mr. Pincha is the first disabled 
(visually-impaired) person appointed to the position.


Blind and online: Progress, not perfection, for visually impaired tech users

Gayle Yarnall of Amesbury, Mass., is blind. Consequently, photography is 
not a skill she ever anticipated mastering.

"But the iPhone will tell you if the face in the viewfinder is centered, 
or if [the face] is small or large," notes Yarnall, who runs a lifestyle 
consulting firm called Gayle Connected. "Otherwise it's dumb luck, but I 
am getting pretty good at it."


Photos: Eating in the dark in Nepal's restaurant for the blind

Braille Institute teaches nearly blind visually impaired people photography

Glasses Give Visually Impaired Ability to See With Music

Sensory substitution devices (SSDs) use the auditory or tactile senses 
to help the visually impaired perceive the world around them. In a 
recent study, researchers attempted to teach people to move quickly and 
accurately, using a SSD called EyeMusic.

Sports in Motion - Blind and Visually Impaired Photo Workshop Projects
I'm sharing my latest audio slide-show production: Sight in Motion 
<http://www.chicosanchez.com/motion>, a story about sports and 
athleticism, photographed and recorded by twelve blind and visually 
impaired photographers.

The photographers, who are participating in programs run by the Sight of 
<http://chicosanchezphotos.blogspot.mx/search/label/Sight%20of%20Emotion> organization, 
took pictures of people playing sports in their neighborhoods as well as 
Paralympic athletes.


Easton photographer's eye-opening story

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, Easton resident Emily 
Hawkins's awe-inspiring career path will leave you speechless. Hawkins, 
30, is not just any ordinary photographer. She is legally blind, and due 
to her perseverance and courage to cope with and overcome this barrier, 
she should be considered extraordinary


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