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Blind circus star earns A for attitude
Precariously dangling from swathes of silk, looping through hula hoops 
at great heights and eating fire would be considered pretty challenging 
for most. Not so for Sarah Houbolt, partially sighted circus artist, 
among other things.

Sarah's blind ambition

Watching circus performer Sarah Houbolt is enthralling enough, even 
before you realise she can't see.

A specialist in aerial work -- what she calls "dancing in the air" -- 
the Auckland artist relies almost solely on her sense of touch and her 
sharply honed intuition. "Audiences don't realise at the time that I 
have partial sight," she says.

" I think it's an advantage -- sight plays tricks on you. Feeling never 
lets you down."


Blind magician uses vocation to ... 
www.concetric.com, 16 July 2012 [cached] 

Blind magician uses vocation to entertain, inspire Posted Mon, 16 Jul 
2012 03:56:00 EST Magicians often don a blindfold at some point during 
their shows. For Brent Gifford, aka 'The Great Blindini,' a blindfold 
would be redundant.Magician - Online Search Resource
*Blind magician uses vocation to entertain, inspire? - The Salinas 
Magicians often don a blindfold at some point during their shows. For 
Brent Gifford, aka "The Great Blindini," a blindfold would be redundant. 
Sightless since he was 11, Gifford has been amazing and entertaining 
folks with his comedy magic shows across the nation for more than 40 years.
Publ.Date : 2012-07-16 T00:00:00Z

Vibrations let artist who sees black and white paint in color

Color Blind Artist 'Sees' Shades as Sound Through Surgically Implaned Device
Roughly 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are born colorblind, without the 
ability to fully distinguish colors. Implications could range from 
mildly irritating- not being able to pick out matching socks, to more 
serious, as in hindering an occupational aspiration

Potter gains new artistic vision after going legally blind

When Metchosin potter Ann Semple started going blind, she was devastated.

The thought of losing her vision also meant losing her love of art and 


Blind photographer's win

LEGALLY blind artist Susan Oxenham recently won the Autumn Artfest Best 
Photo award for her picture of Uluru, Beyond Visual Spectrum, even 
though she could barely see what she was capturing.

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