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Mumbai photographer gives the visually impaired a chance to click

A Mumbai-based photographer, Partho Bhowmick, provides the visually 
impaired an experience in artistic expression, through the use of 
camera. The students at his workshops are all visually

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Hats off to their sense of direction
The rallyists had to cover 45km within the given speed band. The 
visually impaired had Braille maps and speed charts to guide them. The 
drivers had to rely on inputs given by their visually impaired 
navigators to reach their prescribed destination in time.

Clutching his Braille map, youngest participant Gangaraju Gowda, 14, was 
confident of winning. "Wait till the end. I will distribute sweets near 
the finishing line," he said. A rock concert and a food court lent 
festive touch to the event.

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A cultural evolution

ICOM Malta has always tried to promote museums to the underprivileged or 
to people with physical impairments. In a past International Museums’ 
Day, we managed to organise a museum tour for the visually impaired, 
where they were given the opportunity to feel the artefacts and 
experience their beauty by touch.


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Braille flag for visually impaired unveiled in Bangalore

.... City based Sankara Eye Hospital in association with Sightsavers 
introduced the first ever 'Braille Indian flag' in Bangalore on 
Thursday. The flag will allow a blind person to see the national flag 
through touch. The flag was unveiled by Governor Hansraj Bharadwaj at 
Rajbhavan in presence of some school children.

The tri-colours of the flag are depicted through different textures that 
will enable one to appreciate the different colours. A raised chakra at 
the center of the flag allows the blind to feel the Ashoka Chakra with 
its 24 spokes. The colours and features of the flag are explained in 
Braille alongside the flag.

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