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Lisa Yayla fnugg at online.no
Fri Dec 28 09:45:27 UTC 2012

The blind's art beyond sight
The opening ceremony of "Art Beyond Sight - Non Visual Photography" 
exhibition was held on Monday in Beijing, displaying over 30 photos 
taken by the visually impaired in Tibet, on International Day of Persons 
with Disabilities.

Organized by Handicap International and sponsored by the French Embassy 
in China, the one-week exhibition provides an opportunity for those 
without or only limited sight to share their experiences with the seeing 


Art Preview: Blind Data -- Please Do Touch @ St Leonard's Church

How does a blind person go about experiencing the intricate detail of 
the Mona Lisa or the majesty of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel? This 
was the question that inspired the artistic duo known as Scratchadelia 
to create a show filled with art that visitors will never see.

Instead their latest exhibition will involve leading both blind and 
sighted, but blindfolded, visitors on a guided tour of their artworks, 
which can only be experienced by touch. Each piece is a tribute to a 
famous work of art but with only one sense to work with, and imagination 
left to fill in the rest, it will be interesting to see the different 
takes of visitors on each work.




A decade ago, Kassim Bay and Dino De La Vega had an art vision for blind 
people: Scratchadelia"

A meditation space where you can free your mind from the daily 
brainwashing and let your Imagination run riot!!!!!

Close your eyes and PLEASE DO TOUCH...


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