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Mumbai photographer gives the visually impaired a chance to click

...The students show how they use sound to gauge direction and touch to 
measure the object they are shooting. That's how those who have no sight 
can see images through their mind's eye, thanks to sound and touch.

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*Helping visually impaired users properly aim a camera
Marynel Vázquez -  Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Aaron Steinfeld - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
ASSETS '12 Proceedings of the 14th international ACM SIGACCESS 
conference on Computers and accessibility
Pages 95-102

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Hope In Sight For Visually Impaired
In 1921 a British photographer gone blind invented the white cane for 
his surroundings to recognize his impairment. Other than undergoing a 
slight lengthening two decades later, the technology has remained 
unchanged for almost one century...


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In pictures: India's blind photographers

This picture of pigeons in flight was taken by Bhavesh Patel, who was 
also born blind. "I followed the direction of the sound of pigeons 
flying and took the picture based on the audio clue, which meant some 
more pigeons are flying. It started raining a few moments after this 
picture was taken."


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Photo gallery: On World Sight Day, photography by 'Blind With Camera'

Photographers say you need to have an eye to take pictures. These 
children, who lack some or all of their vision, have applied the same 
maxim to their photography. The pictures that you see below are images 
that I took of an exhibition by the Mumbai-based project 'Blind With 
Camera' <http://www.blindwithcamera.org/>. The show is on display at the 
Alliance Francaise in New Delhi until Oct. 18th, and I shot these images 
on the World Health Organization's World Sight Day 


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Show of photographs by visually impaired photographers in Norwich, UK

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Photographer Partho Bhowmick Teaches the Visually Impaired How to 'See'

Let's attempt a quick exercise. Pick up your digital camera. Turn it on. 
Now, close your eyes and try to photograph the window closest to you. It 
isn't as easy as you think it might be. Even if you may be skilled in 
the art of photography, without your sight to guide you as you compose 
the frame, taking pictures can be a challenge. Now consider the case of 
the visually impaired, especially those who have no memory of sight. You 
probably never imagined a camera in the hands of someone who cannot see. 
But think again. Initiatives like *Partho Bhowmick*'s *Beyond Sight 
Foundation* and *Blind with Camera* <http://www.blindwithcamera.org/> 
are changing the way the blind perceive photography, not as a practice 
that is outside of their grasp but as a discipline that can empower them.


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Not blinded by thought or action

An exhibition which has proved that impossible is nothing! Ever imagined 
a 'blind person' taking a photograph? We all know that it is next to 
impossible for a person who is visually impaired to even take the 
initiative of capturing the world 'without their sight'. But, an 
initiative by Partho Bhowmick is changing the way the blind perceive 
photography, not as a practice but as a discipline that can empower them

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