[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Just Imagine - Kelowna, BC

Lisa Yayla Lisa.Yayla at statped.no
Thu Jan 24 06:39:03 UTC 2013


Prof. Kennedy sent me the article about the exhibition, Just Imagine, in Kelowna Canada.

Thanks Prof. Kennedy from me and the list.



Extract from AMA, Art Media Agency

"Just Imagine": four blind and vision-impaired
international artists at the Kelowna Art Gallery
The exhibition"Just Imagine" at the Kelowna (British
Columbia, Canada) Art Gallery opening on 12
January 2013 and running through 17 March 2013,
brings together the work of four blind and vision-impaired artists
in a show that will certainly engage Kelowna audiences. Curated
by blind local artist Ruth Bieber, the exhibition intends to
explore what it means to be human and the innumerous ways in
which people respond to the world around them, thus creating a
conversation about how humans see and perceive.
"Just Imagine" highlights the work and methods of artists Bruce
Horak, Busser Howell, PJ Lockhart and Eriko Watanabe. They all
explore the idea that, once get past the typical notions of "seeing",
the potential for artistic and creative expression is limitless.


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