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Lisa Yayla Lisa.Yayla at statped.no
Tue Jan 29 11:01:57 UTC 2013


I was reading about grid beams the other day and thought that it might be of interest. What it is, is basically an erector set for making large things like tables, chairs, buildings etc. It uses two by twos, that have holes drilled in them their full length and they are connected with nuts and bolts. Material used is either wood,  aluminum or steel. The other idea behind it is that it is fully dismountable.  The beams form the frame and either plywood, cloth etc is used for surfaces if needed.

Would like to hear what you think.

One of the neatest aspects of the Grid beam system is just how simple it is. Amazingly, It doesn't require any special hubs or connectors to make a strong frame.

Since Grid beam is cut to standard modular lengths, you know how many holes are on a beam. If you can count then you can build!

Grid beam uses a simple geometry and a repeating hole pattern to create what we call tri-lapping joints or "Tri-joints". When three beams are brought together in an xyz axis, (like in a corner) the bolt holes magically line up. Three bolts from three directions lock the materials together, into perfect 90 degree angles, something difficult to achieve when welding. Though clunky looking at first, they add strength and rigidity to projects. Tri-joints can be created anywhere in a frame but usually end up in the corners. The more tri-joints in a frame, the stronger it becomes.




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