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Some interesting articles - some about Disney's technique of creating 
haptic feedback in the air and two articles which are sort of connected. 
The first article is about cartoonists drawing with their eyes closed 
and the second is an exhibition about the decline of Braille. What I 
mean by connected in this case is, I think in the case of these two 
articles, an awaking of the sighted world in regards to visual 
impairments and drawing, visual arts.  When I first saw the title of the 
article New Exhibition Exploring The Decline Of Braille, I thought "WOW, 
someones making a statement about that" but then understood it was an 
artist using Braille as an element. That of course is good, but not 
quite what I thought. But in both of these cases it seems to me that it 
brings the idea of VI and art, graphic information closer to the public 

Enough long winded spouting from me. But hope you will "Spout out!" 
about what you think.



Blind artist doco transcends limits

Another moving documentary is being shown at the Suter on Thursday 
evening. Black Sun is the creation of Gary Tarn, the director, producer, 
photographer, editor and composer of its original music.

It is narrated by Hugues de Montalembert, whose story provides the 
inspiration for this film.

In 1978 de Montalembert, a French artist, photographer, and film-maker 
living in New York City, was walking home one night to his apartment in 
Greenwich Village when a senseless event occurred, one which was to 
change his life forever.


Comics Professionals Draw Batman With Their Eyes Closed, And It Is Glorious

... Inspired by the website Blind as a Bat 
<http://www.blindasabatman.com/>, artist *Olly Moss* approached a bunch 
of industry friends at Comic-Con with a task: *close your eyes, pick up 
a marker, and draw Batman*. Among those who stepped up to the challenge 
were *Becky Cloonan, Mark Chiarello, Jock, Jhonen Vasquez, Duncan Jones, 
Mark Buckingham*, and many more, and the results are amazing. You can 
check out a few examples, including Yost's masterpiece, below.

Draw online
Draw Batman with your eyes closed.

Blind Art : New Exhibition Exploring The Decline Of Braille

*A new exhibition exploring the decline of Braille opens this Friday (26 
July) at the University of Abertay Dundee's Hannah Maclure Centre art 
gallery. Double Blind Test Series is an exhibition of print works 
highlighting the artistic research by David Lyons, Abertay lecturer and 
researcher. The series was conceived as a visual investigation of 
sensually expressive printmaking.*

As Braille is a communication tool in decline, Lyons believes that the 
increasing abandonment of Braille opens it to exploration and 
experimentation, and that this may result in Braille becoming a dynamic 
form of expression for the sighted -- with exhibition visitors 
experiencing Braille through sight and not touch.


Disability no barrier to arts

A real blind person playing the role of a blind person is unfortunately 
still a novel scene on a Queensland stage.


Disney's Aireal delivers precise tactile feedback out of thin air
With systems like the Kinect 
<http://www.gizmag.com/kinect-for-windows/20585/> and Leap Motion 
controlling a gadget with just the wave of a hand is starting to become 
much more commonplace. The one drawback to those gesture-based devices 
however is that you never actually touch anything. No matter what you 
see on the screen, you're still very aware that you're just moving your 
hands through the air. The Pittsburg branch of Disney Research may be 
able to change that with Aireal, a low-cost haptic system which fires 
out small rings of air that allow people to feel virtual objects.
links in article

Disney Research creates haptic feedback out of thin air

Legally blind artist, 97, paints in pixels
Using nothing more than Microsoft Paint, artist Hal Lasko stays in tune 
with his favorite passion. Don't miss this video showing his 
inspirational story.


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