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Artist Jeff Hanson <http://artistjeffhanson.blogspot.no/>
Jeff Hanson is a 18-year old visually impaired artist

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Book Description
Publication Date: February 26, 2013
STANDARD HARDCOVER EDITION./ Lessons From CLOD: An Inspiring Story of 
Art, Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship/. Identical content as the 
ARTIST'S PREMIUM EDITION, (but without the more vivid inks and heavier 
paper).  Hardcover, printed in full color, using standard inks and 
paper. 268 pages. A biography of artist Jeffrey Owen Hanson and his 
journey beyond adversity.
     This is the story of one kid. A story of what one, visually 
impaired kid from Kansas can do. A kid with contagious generosity, 
setting an example for individuals and corporations to become more 
philanthropic--to change our world.A kid who responded to a challenge, 
and redefined himself. Jeff Hanson'sartis hanging in Warren Buffett's 
home. The Association of Fundraising Professionals named Jeff 
"YoungPhilanthropistof the Year." The Small Business Administration 
named Jeff "Young Entrepreneurof the Year." The trifecta! Jeff Hanson is 
defined by art, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Not the kid down the 
street who lost his vision to a brain tumor. Jeff Hanson will raise one 
million dollars for charity before he is 20.One million by 20!


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