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This MS Paint maestro is 97 years old and legally blind

Disney’s AIREAL is the Next Generation of Haptic Technology


Braille art exhibition to open at Abertay University

Legally blind artist raises $1 million with his art

It would've been easy for Jeff Hanson to mourn at the tender age of 12 
when doctors discovered an optic tumor that helped explain why he was 
losing his vision, but the soon-to-be philanthropist had a better idea.

He became a self-described "accidental artist" showing others how he saw 
the world with vibrant illustrations, first on note cards before moving 
to canvas paintings and later to designs for women's dresses.

Seven years later, with roughly 1,300 paintings under his belt, Hanson 
has reached a goal originally set on his 19th birthday: to reach $1 
million in donations for charities by the time he was 20.


Legally blind artist raises $1 million

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