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included links to books that uses swell paper as a media for visual art 
too and article about creating maps through touch - that is not "for" 
but "by".

tactile map of AdaCamp

Mapping the Smells of New York, Amsterdam and Paris, Block by Block 
In 2011, Kate McLean <http://www.katemcleandesign.com/>, a designer and 
cartographer, was pretty new to the Scottish city of Edinburgh. As 
a graduate student studying fine art, she sought to use design to probe 
people's emotional connections to a place, and had the novel idea of 
charting the surfaces and textures people encountered throughout the 
city---in essence, creating a tactile map of her adopted home 


Getting a feel for history
Blaevoet works for Mississauga-based Tactile Vision Inc., a company 
specializing in raised printing for special needs. The company has 
donated a handful of braille programs and maps to be handed out to 
visitors with a visual impairment. These will be made available to 
members of the public at no cost.

Shrewbot Uses Whiskers to Map Its Environment
By the end of this process, you can see that Shrewbot has a reasonably 
good idea of what its environment looks like. And remember, the 
resulting map (and ability to localize) is achieved purely through 
touch. Robots like Shrewbot are ideal for exploring and mapping spaces 
where laser, acoustic, or visual sensors don't work very well, like dark 
spaces, spaces filled with dust or smoke, or even in turbid water, and 
future research will investigate how well this technique works at larger 
scales, with an eye towards practical deployment, and perhaps even an 
implementation of texture detection with whiskers as well


Technology For Life: How Students With Disabilities Are Attending 
College At Record Rates

Esha Mehta and Bill Casson had unique qualifications in mind when they 
looked at universities to attend.

Both chose the University of Colorado <http://www.colorado.edu/>, where 
Mehta is pursing a bachelors degree in psychology, and Casson is getting 
a master's degree in computer science. But their decision to come to 
Boulder wasn't like many others. They weren't lured by mountain sports 
or football rankings, but by the reputation of the CU disability 
services office. Both Mehta and Casson are blind.

picture text A specialized printer at the Disability Services Office 
that prints tactile dots like the campus map.
A tactile map of campus, with names of buildings in braille.


12 Books That Indulge the Senses

Rustling - A Tactile Book For Visually Impaired Kids
Something Rustling In Auntie's House> is an unique tactile book.
It's specially designed for visually impaired children from 2-6 years old.
It tells about a child's exploration in aunt's house in a second person 
narrative, in order to get children with visual impairment involved in 
the story by touching.
Properly informed tactile images along with poetical texts allow kids to 
share equal fun with parents, siblings and peers.

Born blind children don't use fingers as a tool until they are taught 
to. <Rustling> encourages them to sense with fingers and get used to the 
important media - book.

  Touching Emotions

    --- Tactile Book / Print

Tactile book about typography. The type is raised by printing black ink 
onto 'swell paper' and applying heat.


  Quick Blind Fox

    --- Illustration / Print

Tactile prints to raise awareness of solutions of blind and visually 
impaired graphic design solutions. The illustration is raised by 
printing black ink onto 'swell paper' and applying heat.


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