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Think you will find the Ted talk by Niel Harbisson very entertaining and 
interesting. Link follows.

How a cyborg artist 'hears' colours 

A colour-blind artist claims to have successfully implanted an 
electronic chip into his skull that allows him to "hear" colours 

Neil Harbisson was born with a rare condition called achromatopsia, 
which means he only sees in black and white.

He has become the first person in the world to have a cyborg antenna 
implanted in his skull.

It detects different parts of the colour spectrum and transmits the 
message to his brain.


I listen to color



  Local art featured in Talking Books exhibit


  Art Show

*Through Different Eyes: Achieving a New Perspective*
An exhibit showcasing the artistic talents of the blind, visually 
impaired, & physical impaired Kansas Talking Books patrons.


Arts on television

HBO Signature
5:30-6:05 a.m.

"Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers" explores the work of Pete 
Eckert, Bruce Hall and Henry Butler, three blind artists drawn to 


Dallas museum takes art to the blind, and beyond

With their galleries full of paintings and sculptures, museums are a 
treat for the eyes. So after suffering optic nerve damage, Bobby Jackson 
of Fort Worth wasn't sure he'd ever visit one again.

But here the former forklift operator was at Southern Methodist 
University's Meadows Museum, taking in some of the museum's extensive 
Spanish collection using senses other than sight --- tracing tactile 
versions of paintings with his fingers, immersing himself in their place 
and time with the help of regional music and food.

Using techniques that extend beyond sight, the Meadows is on the cutting 
edge of efforts not only to reach out to the visually impaired but also 
to offer multisensory experiences that appeal to a wide range of 
audiences through touch, sound and taste.


Partially blind artist displays computer generated work

Surrounded by his vibrant, uniquely pixelated work, a 98-year-old 
partially blind artist was honored March 13 in a reception hosted by the 
College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning.

Eclectic artist Hal Lasko reveled at the opportunity to meet individuals 
inspired by his paintings, which he created by utilizing the computer 
program Microsoft Paint.

Leicestershire blind artist creates blow torch art
A Leicestershire art graduate who put aside her dreams of becoming an 
artist when she was registered blind at 21-years-old has been getting 
creative again - with a blow torch.

  "The Color of Blind" exhibit prepares for its second event

    Art show gives the blind and visually impaired the opportunity to
    experience the color of artwork


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