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Artist doesn't let blindness keep him from painting
A new art exhibit will be on display at the Aucocisco Gallery in 
Portland. One of the artist's showcased is Denis Boudreau, whose pieces 
have been popular in and around Portland for decades. The man behind the 
canvas has a story that will change the way you look at art.

After serving in the Vietnam War for two years, Denis Boudreau slowly 
lost all vision in both of his eyes as a result of debris from mortars 
and landmines. An artist since childhood, his first thought was that he 
would have to hang up the paint brushes.

Blind artist takes up sculpture at 94

Some say art is life. Creating art is a way of sharing your vision of 
the world with others. But what happens when that vision disappears?

Painter Charlotte Wood, 94, found out when she went blind nearly 20 
years ago.

"I knew I had to find some way of occupying my time and my mind," Wood 

She knew she couldn't paint anymore, but recently she decided she'd like 
to try her hand at sculpture. She felt she could "feel" her way through. 
Betty Kyle, Charlote's daughter, spent six  months contacting art 
schools, museums and universities, but they seemed obsessed with words 
like "handicapped" and "liability," rather than finding Charlotte an 
outlet to express herself. That is, until she found Michael Kirby's 
Sculpture Workshop online.

The Sculptor Who Will Never See Her Work

Legally-Blind Canadian Artist Enlists Naturopathic Diet to Regain Sight 
& Resume Painting

Artist Richard Clark thrives despite degenerative eye disease

... His condition hasn't stopped him from pursuing his passion. Like 
Monet, whose paintings became more abstract as his sight worsened, Clark 
paints what he sees. He dismisses the occasional critic who says his 
work needs more detail.

"My concept of creating the artwork," Clark said, "is to get the general 
visualization from light to dark, from the viewpoint of the blind and 
visually impaired as opposed to somebody sighted."

His recent painting, "Homeward Bound" is a study in darks and lights, 
deep indigo against brilliant yellow and orange.

Clark has been using a closed-circuit TV, which magnifies what he is 
painting and displays it on a monitor,


An art gallery with Hart: Main Street venue deals in works created by 
homeless, disabled

  Legally blind, sculptor David Stephens continues to make art

David Stephens, at 72 years of age, is a man quietly on a mission - to 
not let anything keep him from his art.

In his exhibition "Auguries of Idolatry" at the Center for Art in Wood, 
his sculptures loom large, some of them 9 feet tall. The wooden altars 
are devoted to Stephens' deceased family members, ancestors, and 
acquaintances, flanked by structures that resemble stools made for 

Declared legally blind in 1979 due to glaucoma, the renowned 
Philadelphia artist continues to produce works that reveal a dynamic, 
sharp vision.

"I visualize my work mentally like someone who can see; you 
conceptualize it," said Stephens. "For the most part, I work alone, but 
sometimes with assistance to mix colors and grid the braille."


Study Up For 'Think:' How Does A Blind Man Paint? Watch A North Texas 
Artist In Action
John Bramblitt started losing his sight when he was 11, because of a 
seizure disorder. He makes striking paintings by drawing with fabric 
paint and, using the raised lines as a guide, filling in with oil paint. 
Watch him at work before he joins /Think /host Krys Boyd along with 
Meadows Museum Director of Education Dr. Carmen Smith at noon.


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