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Second Sense features legally blind artists' exhibit
Second Sense, a non-profit organization, began creating a yearly exhibit 
featuring artworks from artists who are legally blind 12 years ago.

The exhibit, Passionate Focus, has generated strong interest from 
talented artists all over the country. This year, 121 pieces where 
submitted by 24 artists and 33 were considered for this exhibit.....

"For a lot of artists, this is the first time they've ever displayed 
their art in public and this is the first time they've ever been paid 
for their art,"Tabak said.

The exhibit will be at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago 
until June 13 and is open to the public.

Tulsa's Mayfest features award-winning blind painter
"Artist John Bramblitt of Denton, Texas, talks about his artwork with 
customers Thursday in his tent at Third and Main streets on the first 
day of the 42nd annual Mayfest in downtown Tulsa."

Color blind person creates world's first cyborg man to hear colors
Neil Harbisson, has crafted the world's first cyborg man that allows him 
see colors by conveying musical tones to his brain.

Salem artist doesn't let blindness get in her way

As an artist, it was a devastating blow for Marge Moore to lose her 
sight four years ago.

"My blindness hit me pretty hard," she said.

The photographs of European streetscapes that inspired her watercolors 
were nothing more than colors and shapes. All the details were gone. But 
with help from friends, her church and a local nonprofit called 
Blindskills, she adjusted and even learned to create again.


  Please touch the art

        WHAT DOES a piece of art look like? All you have to do is glance
        at it, examine it, stare. But for Jillian Creus, April Matthew
        Abella, and Mary Sujin Shin, they have to grope with their
        hands, and feel the curves and the fissures until an image forms
        inside their minds.


Jewish Museum Begins Tours For Blind Visitors
  , who has been blind since birth, touches one of the thousands of 
metal faces of the work "Fallen Leaves" by Israeli artist Menashe 
Kadishman on the first organized architectural tour of the museum for 
blind people at the Jewish Museum Berlin on February 21, 2014 in Berlin, 

Sight fades, but vision remains strong

The art show "Vision and Revision," an exhibit by Suzanne Gibson and 
Lynda Lambert, opens on March 7 at the Merrick Art Gallery and brings a 
message of hope. Both artists are legally blind but continue to create.

Twenty years into a career teaching the Korean marital art Tang Soo Do, 
Martin "Marty" Carson, of Egg Harbor Township, lost his sight in a 1991 
car accident. He had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Everyone Has A Story: Blindness doesn't defeat Egg Harbor Township 
martial artist

"I woke up 11 days later at Cooper Hospital in the dark," he said.

For a while it looked like his legs might have to be amputated above the 
knees. Even when that wasn't necessary, doctors didn't expect him to 
walk again.

But his training emphasizes indomitable spirit.

"You are only defeated when you are dead," said Carson, 63. "It's one of 
the seven tenets we teach."

Artist Richard Gawthorpe praised after helping to raise £300,000 for 
Kirkwood Hospice

A budding artist was refused a place at art college because he was 
colour blind.

But now the watercolour painter has helped raise a massive £300,000 to 
provide care for patients at a Kirklees hospice.


Blind woman from Irlam wins prestigious art award

Kimberley Burrows was born partially blind and she can only see a little 
out of one eye, this has not stopped her pursuing her dream of becoming 
a full-time artist.

She has now come one step closer to her dream after being awarded the 
prestigious title of 'Young Illustrator of the Year' by Insight Magazine.

As a result she will be producing artwork for the magazine throughout 
the year.


In spite of her disability, she is establishing herself in the art 
world, with the RNIB's (Royal National Institute of Blind People) 
Insight Magazine recently naming her Young Illustrator of the Year for 2014.


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