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A really fun blog, Fashioneyesta.  Information about the blog;

"Fashioneyesta is an online Fashion and Lifestyle resource for blind and 
partially sighted people.

Allow me to tell you a little more about myself. I am currently studying 
for a degree in English Literature at Goldsmiths University, London that 
I received a full scholarship for. I have lived in South East London my 
entire life home. Naturally, I have been cultivated to know my way 
around markets, vintage shops, and where to find the best places on my 
home turf. I am currently working as a Journalist on the /Huffington 
Post UK /and working at my University as a paid /Student Ambassador./

Fashion has always been a huge element of my life. Growing up, I was 
inspired by old Hollywood films and their captivating style icons such 
as /Audrey Hepburn/ and/Grace Kelly./ The fashion houses, vintage stores 
and many delightful chic-lits inspired me to become more involved into 
the history and the beauty of fashion. By the time I was fourteen, my 
mother had bought me my first designer bag and then the rest is History.

I would describe my style as feminine, with exotic flares, vintage 
twists and a lot of costume jewelry. I change my look depending on my 
mood, one day I may step out in an Oriental inspired outfit. Or another 
day I may wish to go full out Vintage with Victory Rolls and a 1940s 
inspired tea dress.

Of course, you may be wondering why I set up the blog for Visually 
Impaired people. For one, I myself am Visually Impaired, I have a 
condition known as Septo Optic Dysplasia. The condition has disabled my 
Optic Nerves, leaving me with no sight in my right eye and ten percent 
central vision in my left. However, in the course of my life as I never 
allowed my disability to hinder my love for fashion.

Now, with my beautiful Guide Dog, Unity, in toe, I am out exploring the 
wide world and expanding my blog. A blog that I hope will inspire other 
visually impaired people to explore fashion, old and new, to find their 
own unique style."


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