[Art_beyond_sight_educators] The blind photographer -vimeo video

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The blind photographer
Brenden Borrellini was born completely deaf and with limited sight that 
developed into complete blindness. His disability presented many 
obstacles for him growing up but with a lot of hard work and help from 
the Special Education Unit at the Cavendish Road State School in 
Brisbane, he became the first deaf and blind student to finish his high 
school education and to attend University.
In 1989 he was nationally recognised and won the young Australian of the 
Year award for his academic achievements. But Brenden didn't stop there.
It was after moving from Brisbane to Mackay that Brenden met Steve 
Mayer-Miller, Artistic Director for Crossroad Arts, a local organisation 
that develops opportunities for people with a disability to access and 
participate in the arts.
Steve says that the whole idea of photography for somebody who is deaf 
and blind was completely new to him. He had worked with deaf people 
before and blind people before but the combination of the disabilities 
was uncharted territory.


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