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Blind Hattiesburg artist showcases paintings

Blind Artist to Open Studio

When you are a talented artist with a diploma in art and design but then 

meningitis and become totally blind, what do you do? Give up, withdraw into

yourself and feel "why has this happened to me"!! Well that's not what 
67 year

old Arthur Ellis of Bedford Road, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells

did. Instead he taught himself ways of continuing to produce and exhibit his


Blind artist celebrates city of light

Nelson artist Anne Cassin's favourite city is Paris and yesterday she 
got to share fragments of it in the form of the paintings that went on 
sale in her first exhibition.

The blind painter sold 19 paintings yesterday from the collection of 
more than 40 on display at The Boathouse, which raised $2300 excluding 

A third of the proceeds from sales are going to the Royal New Zealand 
Foundation of the Blind.

The Boathouse assisted by providing the venue at a lower rate than 
normal and its manager free of charge. The Nelson Marlborough Institute 
of Technology also helped by providing the art easels for the exhibition 
free of charge.

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at the National Gallery
How the colour-blind see art with different eyes
Making Colour', the first exhibition of its kind in the UK, invites you 
on an artistic and scientific voyage of discovery.

Blind artist's work is a must see

Partially blind Gilbert resident earns accolades for talents in visual arts
Legally-blind artist conducts interactive class at SWFLCF art exhibit

Harvard Students Plan To Use 3D Printing To Help The Blind "See" Art

How 3-D Printing Could Help The Blind "See" Paintings

These Harvard undergrads are working on technology to translate 
paintings into something more sculptural.

Constantine Tarabanis 
<http://www.fastcompany.com/person/constantine-tarabanis>, a Harvard 
sophomore, is sighted. But back in Greece, where he grew up, Tarabanis 
worked with the visually impaired community for several years, 
volunteering at a school for the blind in Thessaloniki. Tarabanis became 
close friends in particular with a young man named George. Close enough, 
in fact, that Tarabanis began to feel a gulf when trying to communicate 
experiences only a sighted person can have--like seeing a painting, for 

Tarabanis had George in mind last semester when a roommate came back 
from a class carrying several 3-D printed objects. The light bulb went 
off: what if there was a way to use 3-D printing technology to somehow 
"translate" paintings into a form the blind could appreciate?


Visual Art Touches Blind

Retired Forrest General Employee Shares Color Through Blindness

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How a Blind Photographer Practices His Art



Touch: an art installation with a dark side
Blind woodworker uses his hands as eyes

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