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*A visually impaired Greenisland artist is injecting colour into the 
lives of Newtownabbey residents as she opens her latest exhibition.*

Fine art print artist Mary Kpakra lost her sight due to a hereditary 
condition in her early twenties, and was registered blind before she 
started to practise the visual arts.

A former member of Seacourt Print workshop, Mary's work has been 
exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Ireland including the 
Waterfront Hall, Dublin Airport, The Ulster Museum, The Island Arts 
Centre and Flowerfield Arts Centre.

After receiving three guide dogs from Guide Dogs for the Blind over the 
years, Mary is now selling the unframed pieces from her latest 
exhibition, entitled 'Echoes from Around the World,' in aid of the charity.

The exhibition and sale includes etchings, photo intaglio, collagraphs, 
dry point etchings and monoprints.

Mary, who is originally from Carrickfergus, told The Times: "My art has 
been a means of expressing myself as a visually impaired artist

Gallery opening featuring artist who is blind

Willoughby Art Gallery at Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually 
Impaired will host the opening of "Hands on Art" by Harriet Kaufman, 
Sept. 5-26.

This exhibit encourages individuals to appreciate art through their 
sense of touch.

The opening reception will 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 5, at The 
Willoughby Art Gallery in the Proctor Center at 7000 Hamilton Ave., 
North College Hill.


Author J.L. Powers Writes Children's Book About The Life Of Artist, 
Champion Runner George Mendoza

Author and Borderland native J.L. Powers has written a new children's 
book about the life of internationally known Artist and Champion Runner 
George Mendoza.

The story of George Mendoza has been one that has been the subject of 
multiple books and films, and now it is being told through a colorful 
child's book by J.L. Powers titled, "The Colors of the Wind-The story of 
Blind Artist and Champion Runner George Mendoza." The book is also 
filled with artwork from Mendoza.


There will be a "Colors of the Wind" Book Party & Art Activity with J.L. 
Powers and George Mendoza at The Las Cruces Branigan Library, August 
16th at 10:30am-noon.

There is also a "Meet the Author" event with J.L. Powers at Books are 
GEMS in El Paso on August 23rd, 10 a.m.

'An incredible gift': Picture book tells story of Las Cruces artist 
George Mendoza


What a Blind Architect Can Teach Us About Design; Crane Art; Mapping the 
Mid-Market Development Frenzy; More! 
*/YERBA BUENA/*---From the longform features department, we bring you 
the tale of Chris Downey 
a blind architect who just finished his first design commission since 
losing his sight.


  How a San Francisco Architect Reframes Design for the Blind

..... After he lost his sight, Downey found that buildings he 
appreciated in his prior life offered him new multisensory riches. When 
he visited Louis Kahn's Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, he was 
surprised to find that he could *intuit the layout of the galleries* 
through the floor texture. Bands of travertine trace the path of the 
structural grid, interspersed with intervals of wood. "Having those 
bands begins to modulate the space," he says. "Kahn would've done that 
for a visual modulation," but the architect might have been thinking 
texturally as well. "I've since learned that he was getting pretty blind 
by the time he did that building," says Downey. "He almost had to have 
his face right on the drawings to be able to see them."
.... But the profession as a whole is acquiring new tools for visual 
accessibility. In June, Downey flew to Minneapolis to join researchers 
working on rendering software that will simulate the effects of poor 
vision. The project, called *Designing Visually Accessible Spaces* 
(DEVA), aims to create a filter that would allow architects to "see" 
what their designs would look like from behind different sets of eyes. 
With that kind of knowledge, design teams could evaluate lighting and 
color schemes for potential hazards. The initiative, led by University 
of Minnesota psychology professor Gordon Legge, is in its early stages, 
but the team recently received a second round of funding from the 
National Institutes of Health. DEVA could ultimately create a bridge 
between scientific research into visual impairment and the architects 
who can make use of that research in the real world, Downey says. "It's 
a tool where people who can make a difference could make a difference."


*Designing Visually Accessible Spaces*

Legally blind artist to hold workshop

Barrie painter creates art for the blind

When artist Kate Ramos picked up a lottery prize at the Barrie CNIB 
office 10 years ago, she noticed the walls were stark and blank.

That inspired her to embark on a creative journey that's resulting in a 
series of textured pieces, the first of which is mounted in that same 

"When I won the money I became really sad that the blind would never see 
what I do. Immediately, I wanted to give back so I decided to add 
texture," said the artist who also owns the Edge Gallery on Dunlop 
Street West.

"I won $10,000 and that's how I started my whole career. I bought 
everything I needed to go on the road with my artwork. If it wasn't for 
that (prize), I wouldn't have the gallery now."

Blind singer learns visual art of conducting a choir

How do you conduct a choir if you can't see the music or the performers 
in front of you? .... Run by the Royal National Institute of Blind 
People, the class aims to help blind and visually impaired musicians 
gain a greater understanding of the role of a conductor as well as 
giving them the opportunity to learn from one of the country's best.

Basingstoke Rock Choir to perform at The Anvil in aid of Kingsclere 
charity Living Paintings

The charity is the only one in the UK to design, create and publish 
tactile and audio books for blind and partially sighted people, with 
titles suitable for anyone from pre-school to adult.

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