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You Don't Have to Be Able to See to Enjoy Picture Books

Beyond Braille: 3-D Printed Books For The Blind

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak & Other Celebrities / Landmarks Are 3D 
Printed As Tactile Models For the Blind

Patricia maps out a new business

*Blind people can feel their way around an unfamiliar building before 
setting foot inside thanks to a new type of map.*

Patricia Dieng has created tactile maps revealing the layout of museums, 
bus stations, markets and parks -- by touch.

She founded TacMap after working with Art and Design Research Centre 
during her time at Sheffield Hallam University and receiving help from 
Sheffield Enterprise Agency. Her products have been endorsed by the 
Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind which says they, 'enable visually 
impaired people to discover their surroundings giving them confidence, 
independence and extra safety'. A TacMap for Sheffield's Moor Market is 
coming soon.


Entrepreneur maps out route to success

*Color Blindness In Games*

Did you know that majority of games, especially competitive games do not 
support color blindness? Only recently have game developers begun to 
incorporate or update their colors in games to help those who are 
colorblind. I have a few friends that are colorblind so I was made aware 
of this several years ago. A lot of artists or basically those who 
choose the colors in the game will commonly go for Red & Green. Both are 
associated with good/bad, go/stop, etc. An artist is also not color 
blind, or at least very unlikely so what they see seems fine.

Exhibition offers an engaging look at the rich artistic culture of Horsham

Blind crafter sells leather art work at craft show

Fay Weldon to speak at Corsham arts festival

Feminist author Fay Weldon and radio presenter Peter White will be 
coming to Corsham later this month, as part of a new programme examining 
the relationship between disability and the arts.

The Pound Arts Centre is hosting SenseAbility, a series of free events, 
screenings and workshops featuring artists and industry professionals. ....
The centre's resident artist Penney Ellis and documentary filmmaker 
Tanvir Bush will host a sensory photography workshop on June 10 aimed at 
blind and visually impaired participants, while visual art exhibitions 
and a short film contest will also feature


Blindness Doesn't Stand In The Way For Cooper Union Art Student

Second Sense features legally blind artists' exhibit
Second Sense, a non-profit organization, began creating a yearly exhibit 
featuring artworks from artists who are legally blind 12 years ago.

The exhibit, Passionate Focus, has generated strong interest from 
talented artists all over the country. This year, 121 pieces where 
submitted by 24 artists and 33 were considered for this exhibit.

Blind veteran shows how he sees world through photography
Indoor Mapping Lets the Blind Navigate Airports

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