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Mon Oct 27 06:08:03 UTC 2014

The Norwegian National Television (NRK) has begun sending films with audio description. The first is a Norwegian produced thriller called Babycall.

Here’s a (mostly) google translation of the text:

Saturday October 25, we will send one of them first audio described films in Norway. This is actually an offer to the blind, but the TV-program makes a superb radio program.

Audio description means that some movie or television programs receive an  supplemental audio: In the dialog pause a voice explains the most important visual elements in the image. The service is basically meant for severely vision impaired and blind, but is fine for everyone else as well. Many TV programs do quite well without pictures. NRK has sent the sound of the evening news on the radio channel NRK Always News, for many years.

The film we send Saturday's horror movie Baby Call by  Pål Sletaune from 2011. You find Trailer and Review of Birger Vestmo in Film Police.

From 2015 NRK will audio describe all major own produced drama series, to date: Mammon 2 and Advent calendar 2016. We are also going to buy into Norwegian films with visual interpreters.

The audio described film will be broadcasted on national TV (network and apps). The movie with the original soundtrack will be sent in the usual TV, in this case NRK1 Saturday at 23:15. NRK's ​​new accessibility boss Siri Antonsen is responsible for visual interpretation  .

Would you like to right how audio description sounds?

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