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The blind sculptor who thinks everyone should touch art

A blind Italian sculptor thinks people should have the right to touch 
art, though most exhibitions forbid it.

Felice Tagliaferri has a personal motto: "you are forbidden not to 
touch". It's about making art inclusive to everyone through the use of 
all five senses and stems from an incident which started a mini revolution.


Neither blindness nor hand injuries deter sculptor

Retirement is not a word in the vocabulary of internationally renowned 
Native American sculptor Michael Naranjo.

“What am I going to do if I retire?” the 70-year-old Naranjo asked 
rhetorically. “I am trying to do less but it’s hard to do less because 
this is what I do.”


3D-EYE Seeks to Create 3D Models of Artistic Masterpieces for the 
Visually Impaired


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