[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Fragile vision, St. Augustine Art Association, color blindness

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Thu Nov 13 12:45:33 UTC 2014

St. Augustine Art Association seeks 'touchable' art

Blind Saudi sculptor to exhibit work in UK

  /Rachel Gadsden/

Rachel Gadsden is a unique and exciting visual artist who creates 
dynamic work and leads a range of national and international 
participative programmes.


Brave patient's art of survival

Will Cyborgs Turn Art into a Supersensory Futureworld? 


  'I try to assign a face to emotion'

Do you feel limited as you cannot see most of the colours?

Being able to see only a limited palette has actually ushered more 
freedom. Like, one cannot be lost in his own home no matter how small or 
big it is. I am at home when I spot yellow. The feeling when I see this 
colour in the set is similar to spotting your best friend in a strange 
city! I am only partially colour blind, not fully, and that is where all 
the drama unfolds. It would be right to say that more than colours, my 
interest is in processing emotions differently. Emotions are 
information. Awareness of your emotional responses help empower one's 
individuality. I try and assign a face to the emotion through my paintings.


Can you explain the thought process behind "The Incessant Ramblings of a 
Yellow Kind"?

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