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  Greatness in the Dark: A List of Famous and Accomplished People with
  Blindness and Visual Impairment

*Esref Armagan

Known as "the artist with no eyes," Esref Armagan defies convention by 
producing works of art just with the sense of touch. Esref was born 
blind to an impoverished Turkish family. He had not received any formal 
schooling, but he has taught himself to write and print. Esref has been 
drawing and painting in oil with his fingers for the past 35 years.

An unconventional artist needs an unconventional technique. He uses a 
Braille stylus to etch out an outline of his drawing. Oil paint is then 
applied with his fingers and left to dry before another color is applied 
to keep it from smudging. Remarkably, Esref's art works not only show 
rich colors but as well as visual perspective. His art works are 
produced without the help from any individual.

Esref has also produced his own style in doing portraits. A sighted 
person draws around a photograph, which he then turns over. Using his 
left hand, Esref transfers what he feels unto another piece of paper, 
later adding color with his fingers. He has done portraits of notable 
Turkish citizens, including the current president, prime minister and 
the former first lady.

Blind artists from India to perform at 'Articulate Ability' show in 

WASHINGTON, DC: On Sunday, October 5, the Johns Hopkins University 
chapter of the Association of India's Development will host "Articulate 
Ability," an ensemble of visually challenged artistes that travel around 
the world to inspire both people with ability and disability. They 
perform Indian classical, non-classical and folk dances. Amrutha Rajiv 
spoke to two members of the group, blind artists Mysore Nagaraj and Buse 

Blind Veteran Sells Artwork Worth Thousands

Painting is a skill that doesn't come naturally to everyone, but imagine 
trying to do it when you only have 10 per cent of your eyesight left.

Royal Navy veteran, Derek O Rourke, has been putting brush to canvas for 
the last 4 years and has used his art work to make thousands of pounds 
for charity.

Legally blind artist paints from the heart

Nearly 100 artists from all over the country are showing their work at 
the 14th annual Lincoln Arts Festival.

Organizers say the event draws around 10,000 people to SouthPointe 
Pavilions each year. From sculptors and glass blowers to photographers 
and painters, organizers say they try to find a good balance for people 
to enjoy.

For six "emerging artists," the festival is a chance to get their work 
seen by thousands for the first time. These artists are selected by the 
Arts Council, which sponsors their booth.

"I was so thrilled," Lincoln painter Susan Eddy said.

  Thailand Creates Art for the Visually Impaired

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Gaem, 8, a Thai girl who is blind, joins other students as they feel a 
bas-relief sculpture at Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai, 
Thailand, on Wednesday as part of a pilot project to develop tourism for 
the blind and visually impaired in the Thai Kingdom.

The project, called "'Feel the Happiness: Art for the Blind," is run by 
the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Thai universities with the goal of 
promoting greater equality in the country and allowing visually impaired 
local and international visitors to experience its landmarks through 
feeling. The project's next step is to have artists create more 
sculptured and interactive artworks to be placed at Thailand's tourist 


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