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Lisa Yayla Lisa.Yayla at statped.no
Thu Feb 12 10:28:42 UTC 2015


I am writing to you to ask for your thoughts about a tool for aiding blind individuals who have never drawn before and /or have little concept of what drawing is to start them drawing. It would be a kind of "warm-up" or a proto-drawing technique.

The idea is to use a combination of a musical instrument, the Theremin, and a modified version of the teaching method called Write Dance. However, instead of writing being the aim, as in Write Dance, drawing is the aim.

The idea is:

1.       Introduce hand movements - use the thermean to give audio feedback when moving hands within the instrument.  The thermean lets one move one's hands freely in air giving off different sounds depending upon how hands are moved

2.       These hand movements are then "transferred" to paper with pencil etc. That is after of drawing circles (or other movements)  in the air one takes a pencil and does the same movement on a piece of paper (preferably one that gives a tactile line)

Again the idea is just to initiate hand movement on a piece of paper. It also includes the element of play - there is no right or wrong way to move hands.

The sounds one gets from different hand movements could have individual meanings to the "sound drawer". These meanings could then be made visible on paper - (to be a sort of a metaphor?)

Perhaps someone has already done this or something similar. Does anyone know? What do you think about the idea?



Write Dance




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