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Links to articles about artists, exhibitions and a bit more.



Mum left partially blind after three strokes becomes face painting 

Greeneboro walking tour

John Bramblitt

“Limited Sight/Unlimited Vision,”
The lobby of RSI Bank in Rahway has become a showcase for art through 
which the blind teach the sighted to see. “Limited Sight/Unlimited 
Vision,” which features creative expressions by six visually impaired 
New Jersey artists, opens with a free public reception from 4 to 7 p.m. 
The exhibition gathers 23 works by Tamilah Alexander, Aaron Elmowitz, 
Jon Gabry, Alicia Liptscher, Narcissa Lopez and Diane Robinson.

Blind engineer has vision of a sustainable world
Today, the 22-year-old Springfield resident will chalk up another major 
achievement when he graduates with high honors from Swarthmore College 
with a degree in engineering. Beside him, clad in mortar board and bow 
tie if the canine cooperates, will be Fathom, his guide dog.

Helen Keller Art Show displays creativity, talent of visually impared

The splatter of paint on canvas, the crunch of aluminum foil, the hard 
scrapes of graphite across paper with the soft crumble of pastels, the 
sweet smell of glue and the wet squish of pasting pieces of collage — 
the experience of expression goes beyond just sight.

Art is a sensory expression of an intellect and emotions; it percolates 
through life experience into a statement.


Erie Artist Battles Color-Blindness
Erie native Kevin-John Jobczynski now lives in Florida and is under 
contract as an artist with the Disney company.  Kevin-John is a renowned 
sports artist but what you may not know is that he is color blind.
One of three Richmond Art Center exhibitions this summer to feature more 
than 60 artists
... modernist-influenced ceramic vessels from blind artist Kristi Dean

UCPAC in Rahway hosts free workshop for teaching art to blind and low 
vision indviduals

UCPAC Hosts Free Workshop For Teaching Art To Blind And Low Vision 

Art the great equalizer

This blind makeup artist can contour better than you

BLIND AMBITION: Artist who lost sight, hearing teaches Dreyfoos students
The moment it happened was when one student asked, “What if…?”
What if there were such a thing like a fine art museum where you could 
touch all the pieces? Where looking at the exhibits wasn’t nearly as 
important as interacting with them?
Where you could go room to room and let the artists speak through their 
work and make your literally feel what they felt? Touch it. Smell it. 
Hear it. Taste it, even.


Carmen Papalia, blind Vancouver artist challenges artistic tradition
Papalia has been commissioned to work at museums around the world


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