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Sending information from Art Beyond Sight about their yearly telephone 
crash course.

"The 2015 theme ­ *A Part Of, Not Apart 
is all about inclusion, and that includes you!  As we had mentioned last 
week, our goal with this year's Awareness Month is to facilitate a 
year-round platform for direct engagement for the Awareness Month 
community, particularly cultural organizations, disability membership, 
advocacy and service organizations. We hope that you had the chance to 
check out this platform and noticed we already started to make changes 
to better fit everyone¹s needs.

  Share your events <http://www.projectaccessforall.org/events>on the 
calendar, your thoughts and articles in the newsroom 
<http://www.projectaccessforall.org/newsroom>and, importantly, your 
feedback <http://www.projectaccessnyc.org/feedback>with us in October 
and November. We know the website might have a few ³kinks², so please 
help us improve by telling us what you find that needs fixing.

  In October, help us celebrate how you¹ve gone above and beyond the ADA 
to widen your welcome for people with disabilities and enable them to 
become active contributors to the life of your institution. In November, 
we'd like to turn the focus to employment for people with disabilities 
within cultural organizations. Here are a few ways you can join us in 
the celebration:

*Dial in to our 13^th  Annual Crash Course*.

Our annual professional development teleconference has undergone a 
makeover this year, and it¹s bigger and better than ever. Instead of one 
day-long intensive conference, we¹re offering at least one hour¹s worth 
of programming every weekday in October. Session topics will range from 
technology and art to multi-sensory learning and museum accessibility, 
with a few fun surprises along the way.  For a full schedule and dial-in 
information, visit our events page and calendar 

link to calendar of events


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