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Meet Roy Nachum, the Artist Behind Rihanna's Dope 'Anti' Album Cover


Resource Day Saturday for The Blind & Visually Impaired
chance to learn from a blind pottery artist, and experience sitting at a 
pottery wheel and experience how to create pottery bowls without using 
your sight.

Art from a new perspective

Paper Pavement: The History of Miami’s Streets Preserved Through Art

To Gilmore, the project is a “way of being in three different time 
periods at once.”

He described how the prints reflect the past by showing the history of 
the streets and their use. The steamrolling process then records the 
streets in their current historical moment, while the artist and viewers 
of the work are poignantly aware that the area will be dramatically 
changed in the imminent future.

Due to the tactile nature of the prints, “the projects ended up being in 
great conversation with each other,” says Ricardo Mor of MCAD. “This 
way, people who are blind will be able to experience the art as well.

Young artist heading to Kentucky to claim big prize

“It was the first day of school,” said Elizabeth Holkko, mother of 
Maddie Vorase. “I dropped Maddie off at Lakeview and her principal said 
‘oh, Maddie won a contest!’ I’m like, ‘really? What kind of contest?'”

Seven-year old Lakeview student Maddie Vorase recently won first place 
in a nationwide self-portrait contest that featured 300 competitors. 
While she’s already an accomplished young artist, Maddie has been blind 
since birth due to a condition called optic nerve hypoplasia.


  Feeling the art, this artist makes paintings even the blind can see


Blind veteran produces work of art to thank charity

A blind artist, Matthew Rhodes, 40, says he owes his life to Blind 
Veterans UK and has produced a special painting to thank and mark the 
centenary of the charity.

The ex-Service man from Preston, has painted a modern version of the 
iconic John Singer Sargent painting “Gassed”. The original, now hanging 
at IWM London, depicts a line of wounded soldiers walking towards a 
dressing station following a mustard gas attack in the First World War.


Vision-impaired art lovers get chance to 'see' SculptureNow works at The 

Mendoza, NMSU alumnus and artist, to visit NMSU
New Mexico State University alumnus George Mendoza will visit the Barnes 
& Noble at NMSU at 1 p.m. Saturday to read and sign copies of “Colors of 
the Wind: The Story of Blind Artist and Champion Runner George Mendoza,” 
a book illustrated by him and based on his experiences.

NMSU Alumnus, Artist to Visit Barnes & Noble at NMSU

New app lets colour blind people see for the first time - their 
reactions are amazing
This app lets colour blind people see the colours around them - helping 
them navigate and see the world in all its glory

Podcast about living blind is not just for the blind
What began as a way to spotlight issues involving blind people has 
morphed into a fascinating podcast on a wide variety of topics, with 
guests that have included Tommy Edison, who reviews movies as the Blind 
Film Critic <http://blindfilmcritic.com/>; blind photographer Tammy 
Ruggles, who has retinitis pigmentosa and focuses her camera on 
landscapes and flowers, and Lucy Edwards, a British woman who lost her 
eyesight at 17 and posts makeup tip videos on YouTube.


Through Dizzy Array of GIFs, Blind Artist Challenges Our Sense of Order
This artist creates beautiful looping GIFs even though he’s legally blind
Blind artist makes incredible GIFs to record how losing his sight let 
him see

Miami Lighthouse celebrates 85th anniversary with exhibit by blind artists

Blind Eye Art Show exhibits incredible photo-realistic works
Justin Wadlington to create art live for first solo show

New exhibit helps the blind and those with sight ‘see’ downtown Miami 
Outside, by MCAD’s front steps, an audio installation features 
narratives of people describing attributes of each of the exhibit’s ten 
featured downtown buildings; it’s accompanied by a large, vinyl floor 
applique inviting the passersby to “LISTEN” to the building.

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