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*Smithsonian American Art Museum **December 2015 Programs*
*America InSight 
Tours for Visitors who are Blind or Have Low Vision *Thursday, Dec. 17, 
3:30 pm Join a docent-led tour designed for visitors who are blind or 
have low vision. Discover highlights of the collection through rich 
verbal description and discussion. *Location: *Smithsonian American Art 
Museum, Meet in F Street Lobby*Tickets: *None

Brave patient’s art of survival
A brain tumour survivor from Sheffield who lost an eye to the disease 
has rebuilt her life through a passion for art – and now she is helping 
other patients with her first exhibition.

Blind Saudi sculptor to exhibit work in UK
A student with a visual disability has been selected to exhibit her work 
at an international event in the United Kingdom.
Zahra Al-Dhamen, a Saudi media student at King Saud University, said the 
British Council has offered her an opportunity to join other artists 
with disabilities to participate in the “Fragile Light and Vision” 
exhibition in Britain.
The project includes art exhibitions and the production of cartoons and 
digital films, supervised by the British Council to promote a positive 
public attitude toward people with disabilities.

Colour-blind artist hears colours with skull implant 

‘I try to assign a face to emotion’

Ashvin, aka Docart, on his first solo show and how being partially 
colour blind ushered in more freedom


Turkish painter offers hands-on art experience for the blind
In 2010, Turkish artist Türel Süt created an art project "Renkleri 
Hissetmek" (Sense the Colors) for the blind and partially sighted 
people, allowing them to touch paintings through embossed panels. His 
project was introduced in 15 European countries, and will be turned into 
a museum next year in Switzerland.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, the Germanybased artist criticized the 
practice of forbidding visitors to touch artwork in museums and 
galleries. His project aims to enable blind people to access art and has 
received very positive feedback. "Art is for everyone, not only for 
those who can see the world," Süt said. The artist's creative works were 
previously displayed in Germany and Switzerland. "I focused on the eyes 
and faces of animals in my works. I tried to express their suffering and 
make them heard," he continued.

At National Gallery, an Effort to Bring Visual Art to the Blind

Amon Carter Museum Gives Blind Hands-on Art Experience

Fort Worth's Amon Carter Museum of American Art is filled with visual 

But the museum is now reaching out to a particular group of visitors and 
their other senses.

Blind man creates incredible vibrant paintings using only his sense of touch

Though he is blind, John Bramblitt, now 44, from Denton, Texas, has 
learned to paint using only his sense of touch.


3D artwork and crowd funding links:
This 3D artwork could help the blind 'see' famous paintings
Unseen Art project aims to recreate classic paintings in 3D
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Art for the blind and visually impaired, thanks to 3D printing
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VIDEO: Blind Artist Creates Mesmerizing GIFs

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