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Beauty through the mind’s eye

*A photography exhibition featuring works by visually challenged people 
offers a glimpse of the world through their senses*

The very idea of ‘blind photography’ sounds a little impossible and 
absurd. But a group of visually challenged people recently showcased a 
collection of fascinating pictures representing the world through their 
senses in the capital.

In the run-up to World Disability Day, Sightsavers, a development 
organisation that works to prevent avoidable blindness, teamed up with 
Beyond Sight Foundation to showcase photographs clicked by visually 
impaired people who rely on sound, texture, intuition and other senses 
to become visual artists. The two-day exhibition titled “#TheBlindView” 
featured works by six visually impaired photography enthusiasts.


Home <http://netindian.in/>: Photographs by the blind provide rare 
glimpses of their world
An exhibition of photographs by the visually impaired took place at the 
British Council here on December 1 and 2 on the occasion of the 
International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
On display were about 30 photographs depicting different themes which 
blind participants had taken of other blind or visually impaired 
participants doing a series of activities, including their routine work.


Seeing differently: Visually impaired and sighted photographers 
collaborate to create unique images
The New York-based Seeing With Photography Collective 
<http://www.seeingwithphotography.com/about/> brings together both 
visually impaired and sighted photographers, who collaborate to create 
beautiful, unique works of photographic art. In addition to holding 
numerous exhibitions around the world, it also published a book titled 
/Shooting Blind: Photographs by the Visually Impaired/ 

Exhibition of and by the visually challenged

The image is changing

Raleigh thrift store employs blind and visually impaired workers
Nathan Southern, assistant manager at Sightly Worn, stands near the 
special photography corner he created in the Raleigh store that employs 
people who are visually impaired or blind. Southern, who has limited 
vision, studied photography in college

Read more here: 

3D project aims to help the blind 'see' art

Photography for the Visually

Sangmyung University  Exhibits Photos by Visually Impaired

Ability is in the Mind
Startup Wayfindr gets $1M from Google to help the visually impaired get 

The British nonprofit wants to set a global standard for using audio 
descriptions to guide people with little or no vision. A trial run is 
under way on the London Underground.


Versoteq Completes Mobile App & Indoor 3D Printed Tactile Maps, Testing 
TactMap Platform




Tactile maps at Mysuru station

BlindWiki is a new app that creates a sensory map of a city to help 
people who are vision impaired

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