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Texas A&M sophomore develops tactile maps to help visually impaired people

"While most university freshmen spend their first year adjusting to life 
away from their families and the rigors of higher education, Texas A&M 
mechanical engineering major Tyler Wooten set out to do more.

After taking a 3D printing course in the Engineering Innovation Center, 
Wooten decided he wanted to use his newfound knowledge on a project that 
would help others. He eventually came up with the idea of designing a 
3D-printed tactile map of Texas A&M's campus for visually impaired 


Texas A&M student 3D prints tactile maps of campus for the visually impaired


Aggie-developed Maps For Visually Impaired


Visually-impaired students call lack of Braille script in SLC unfair

KATHMANDU, April 1: Visually-impaired students appearing in School 
Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams have complained of inconvenience while 
writing answers in lack of Braille script.According to the Office of the 
Controller of Examinations (OCE), blind students can get an assistant 
writer but the writing helps are not allowed to draw figures and 
diagrams even in subjects such as Science, Social Studies, and 
Environment, Health and Population.

There is no system of taking exams using Braile script in SLC exam 
although courses taught in Braille at some schools."I am sorely 
disappointed as I have to skip questions that involve drawing maps and 
figures. This will surely decrease my marks and percentage in the SLC 
result," said Anamika Chaudhary, of Laborotary School in Kirtipur of 


Virgin Trains unveils tactile station maps for visually impaired travellers



3D maps, wind chimes help visually impaired Texas A&M students


A feel for campus


3D printed teaching aids enhance education for visually impaired students


Pornhub launches explicit audio for the visually impaired


Photography of legally blind woman on exhibit in Cave City


Visually impaired photographer does not let disability hold him back as 
he scoops prize for Photograph of the Year


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