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New exhibits provide art access for all abilities


Blindness no roadblock for this artist

The idea of a blind artist might seem like an oxymoron. But 
internationally recognized artist John Bramblitt doesn’t see blindness 
as a roadblock. In fact, losing his sight led him to the artist’s path.

The Dallas, Texas, artist, whose work is in the Metropolitan Museum of 
Art, the Guggenheim and many metro museums including the Dallas Museum 
of Art, purposely sought out the Salida Arts Festival, which took place 
Saturday and Sunday in Centennial Park.


How being blind became a 'gift' for author Barbara Blackman


An Artist made a 3D Portrait For A Blind Man To See By Touch


Blind artist records sounds of nature

Juan Pablo Culasso is blind, but he's developed an unusual skill 
recording the sounds of nature across South America. CCTV America 
travelled exclusively with him, as a guest of the Uruguayan government, 
to listen to the world's last truly unexplored continent: Antarctica.

Despite being blind since birth, sound recordist Juan Pablo Culasso 
loves to travel. Now, I'm going with him to film a very special mission.

"The first time I ever heard about Antarctica was when I was 12 years 
old. I saw a documentary, which showed the expedition of Scott and 
Amundsen. I said to myself then that, one day, I would go to that 
continent........." Culasso said.

"I don't consider myself an artist in the normal definition of the word. 
For me, the artist is nature, and I just capture these moments."

"Behind me is Maxwell Bay, and this is King George Island on the Western 
Peninsula. And it is here that Juan Pablo Culasso is undertaking his 
pioneering work to capture the sounds of Antarctica.

"My mission is for these invisible sounds to become visible for 
everyone," Culasso said.

We received an invitation to visit the neighboring Chinese Great Wall base.

"You are welcome at the Great Wall."

"I was born to do this. To record sounds. To share them. To teach others 
that it is possible to enjoy any type of landscape. Without the need to 
see it," Culasso said.


London as you've never heard it before


London Sound Survey




This Artist Creates Portraits For The Blind Using Something You Have In 
Your Tool Box


Artist Madeleine Sabo featured at Capitan Public Library


Pintores holds local artist showcase


  Silhouette artist: a master at paper cuts

.... "I started as a kid," Johnson says. "My father did them. He got me 
started about age 10. Professionally I've been doing them since about 
1986." Johnson did his first job when he was a "starving art student" 
and began working at Dolly Parton's amusement park, Dollywood. "I've 
been doing them ever since," he says with a laugh.

He says he took to cutting silhouettes quickly, partly because he's 
blind in one eye.

"I was fortunate in the fact that I was born blind in one eye. So I see 
the world two-dimensional. I don't have binocular vision, like most 
people, so I don't see in the round. So I took to it like a fish to water."

He says he averages about 100 silhouettes a day but has been known to do 
twice as many. In the decades he's been cutting, he estimates that he's 
made more than a million shadow portraits at state fairs, toy stores and 
parties across the country. He insists his hands never get sore." ......


Artist Refuses to Let Blindness Derail Her Career

Sculptor Emilie Gossiaux is exhibiting her work and teaching at the 
Metropolitan Museum of Art


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