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Virtual reality film to show life through visually-impaired man's eyes

There was some cutting-edge technology being used at the University of 
Regina on Tuesday.

A production crew is shooting a virtual reality film about a man who 
recently arrived in Saskatchewan from Syria.

Hani al Moulia is a visually-impaired photographer who has come to 
national prominence for his work capturing photos of his experience as a 


Finding Refuge | The story of Hany al Moulia, Syrian Refugee
21-year-old Hany al Moulia is a Syrian refugee who now lives in Regina, 
Sask. Al Moulia captured life in a refugee camp in Lebanon in a series 
of images, from his little brother's shadow to a makeshift barber shop. 
His stunning images record life in a refugee camp that are both 
heartbreaking and beautiful, revealing both hope and despair, but what 
makes it particularly remarkable is that al Moulia is legally blind. He 
suffers from nystagmus, an eye condition that causes rapid eye movement; 
in his case, everything is out of focus unless it’s 10 centimetres from 
his face.

Seeing in the dark: blind photographers talk about their work

hotography has allowed me to be visually impaired,” says Tanvir Bush. 
“You can feel very looked at when you are out with your guide dog taking 
pictures and it is good to be able to direct that energy back just by 
returning that gaze with your camera. In a very real way, photography 
has freed me.”

Bush is one of several photographers from around the globe whose work 
features in an intriguing new book from Redstone Press entitled /The 
Blind Photographer/. Like many of the practitioners therein, whose work 
ranges from staged art photography to straight documentary and 
portraiture, she is not totally blind, but suffers from retinitis 
pigmentosa, a degenerative disease that leads to loss of peripheral 
vision and eventual blindness. “I had worked previously as a film 
producer and had always deferred to the director and cinematographer,” 
she says, “so it was very exciting for me to find my own unique voice 
though photography. It was a huge creative breakthrough for me.”


Like others in the book, both Smithen and Bush use photography as a 
liberating means of self-expression, even though it is not their primary 
medium. “I’m a novelist, first and foremost,” says Bush, “and 
interestingly, it would never enter my mind to consider myself a blind 
novelist. Because photography is not the thing I aspire to, I don’t mind 
the description so much, but if it was my life the way writing is, I 
would not allow anyone to put me in that box.”

/The Blind Photographer is published by Redstone Press (£29.95) on 8 
September. To order a copy go to //www.theredstoneshop.com/ 




TouchBase – A multi-sensory project with Sense UK
A sensory photography project for people who are deafblind or with 
sensory impairment.

A sensory photography project for people who are deafblind or with 
sensory impairment.

Blind artist with a unique view on life + Turkish Baths fiasco


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