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Seeing art with eyes shut in new exhibit

Close your eyes. Disavow your sense of sight. Now, get to know a work of 

That is the mission of the exhibit “Let’s Keep in Touch,” which grew out 
of Whitney Mashburn’s work as a graduate student in curatorial studies 
at University of Louisville. She wanted to tackle the issue of 
accessibility in art institutions. Of course, because of the Americans 
with Disabilities Act, most public places and businesses now must have 
ramps for people who can’t walk and businesses must make accommodations 
before people who cannot see or hear.

But what is the extent of an art museum’s duty to accommodate all 
visitors so that they can experience art?


Comics Empower brings comic books alive for the blind

If you're a fan of comic books, you can easily take in the sight of the 
bright red suit that The Flash wears; the sleek, dark look of the Bat 
mobile; or how webs jet out from the palms of Spider Man.

But for those who are blind, reading and enjoying comic books can't 
happen the same way. One comic book lover is now helping to change 
that. His name is Guy Hasson, and he's the creator of Comics Empower 


Comics Empower


Imagined Narratives: Artist Mark Liam Smith transforms colour-blindness 
into strength

Canadian artist Mark Liam Smith has taken the art scene by storm with 
his latest body of paintings, Imagined Narratives 
<http://www.markliamsmith.com/imagined-narratives/>. The surreal, 
photorealistic paintings are painted in non-local colours, a signature 
Smith developed as a result of his colour blindness.

He explained: “As a colour-blind artist, I long had to rely on 
colour-mixing formulas to recreate skin tones. Later in my practice, I 
realised that local colours served only to restrict my expression. By 
viewing my colour-blindness as a strength rather than a weakness, I’ve 
embraced the use of non-local colours to develop my work.”


Members of the Kent Association for the Blind’s (KAB) Medway Art Group 
will experience the Guildhall Museum’s Prehistoric Medway exhibition

Historic items normally only available to look at are being unlocked to 
allow people with sight loss to explore a museum’s treasures.

Members of the Kent Association for the Blind’s (KAB) Medway Art Group 
will be able to experience the Guildhall Museum’s Prehistoric Medway 
exhibition by touching the collection.

The group, who all either have full or partial sight loss, will then 
make artwork in response to what they have felt and experienced through 
the sessions.

Painting allows blind artist to see a world of color


Visually impaired Beaver County artists share vision with others


Visually impaired GIF artist lends haunting motion images to 'Morgan'

George Redhawk <https://plus.google.com/+DarkAngel0ne/posts>

<https://plus.google.com/+DarkAngel0ne/posts>, a motion effects artist 
who is legally blind, created a few of his signature eerie GIFs for 
/Morgan/, the upcoming 20th Century Fox thriller about a young, possibly 
synthetic woman with extraordinary powers — and the struggle to control her.


'Please Touch The Art', How One Art Show Is Changing The Way We See Art


What pigeons taught us about art

The art world's favorite rule: "Don't Touch the Art," is well 
intentioned but can have unintended and harmful side effects. Like the 
fact that a blind man feels like he has less access to public artwork 
than a pigeon. That is awful, but it doesn't have to be this way.


Storytelling, Characters Allow Bline Fans to Revel in the ARt of Pro 


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