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One Woman Proves You Don't Need Sight to Create Art
Yaeno White, 72, is legally blind, with just a little bit of tunnel 
vision. But looking at her, it would be hard to tell — her disability 
has not stopped her from making and selling ceramics, learning to salsa 
dance or getting a job.


The blind photographer who covered the Paralympics
An inflammation of the eye called uveitis left Joao Maia da Silva almost 
completely blind at 28-years-old, but could not stop him from becoming a 
photographer and fulfilling his dream of covering the Paralympic Games.
In 2003, the Brazilian took part in a photography course for visually 
impaired people. That started a career that reached its peak earlier 
this September when he covered Rio 2016 and became internationally known 
for his striking talent.

The blind photographers


Photographer Who Lost His Sight Snaps Stunning Photos Of Paralympians

Paralympics 2016: The blind photographer taking remarkable photos from Rio

It's not just the Paralympians inspiring others - look at the work of a 
blind photographer in Rio


This Visually Impaired Photographer Covering Rio Paralympics Wants The 
World To See The Game Through His Eyes

These striking photos were taken by blind photographers

10 things about: Ch’ng Seok Tin, the blind artist


Art is for everyone: Toledo museum offers special tours to infants, 
people with disabilities

For more information on the tours, go to 
<http://www.toledomuseum.org/visit/accessibility/> or 


Kiwi artist Brent Harpur celebrates 25 years of performance cartooning

He has been blind in one eye and legally blind in his "good eye" for 
about 30 years, but it has never stopped him from cartooning or travelling.


Kiwi cartoonist Brent Harpur drawn to New YorkKiwi cartoonist Brent 
Harpur drawn to New York


Scatter Joy



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