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Tue Oct 11 07:43:37 UTC 2016

Regina Haggo: Serious attraction to abstraction pays off for Hamilton 


New exhibit highlights art created to be touched


PPHM crowdfunding to bring art for the blind

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum recently launched its first 
crowdfunding initiative in hopes of raising $25,000 to make art more 
accessible to people with sight impairments.

The project is called “Art for Everyone” and is a partnership with 3D 
Photo Works, a company that can turn paintings into a 3D relief by 
adding audio sensors that describe a painting as a person runs their 
hands over it.


Blind artists and a unique vision: The visually impaired artists using 
tech to see things differently

New York-based artist Daniel Arsham was born colour-blind. So it follows 
that his chosen palette is varying shades of monochrome. But with the 
help of new technology, he’s started seeing more colours and is staging 
his very first exhibition featuring brighter hues as a result of the 
markedly different way he has begun to view the world.

“Wearing these glasses [made by EnChroma], I’m able to see a wider range 
of colour. What the glasses do is they artificially expand the colour 
spectrum in the wavelengths that I am missing. And hence it has impacted 
my options for palette,”




Legally blind tech artist shows how he sees the world


Color-blind artist Dan Woodson is known for his scenic oil paintings


Hong Kong artist holds charity show to thank Blue House community for 


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