[Blind-international-students] Cameroonian wants to study in the U.S.

Mateen, Fatimah A MateenFA at state.gov
Wed Mar 23 08:31:22 CDT 2011



I am new to the group.  I work with international students who are
interested in going to university in the United States.  In this
position, I work with students who have various obstacles to overcome,
the most common being financial.


Recently, I started working with someone who is completely blind.  The
young man completed high school last year and wants to continue his
studies in the U.S.  Do any of you have any recommendations on which
colleges and universities are more accessible and accommodating to the
blind?  He wants to major in political science or international


Thanks in advance.


Fatimah A. Mateen

Education Advisor

U.S. Embassy Yaounde

Hours:  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

YaoundeEDU at state.gov <mailto:YaoundeEDU at state.gov> 

Tel:  +237-2220-1500 ext. 4009

Fax:  +237-2220-1402



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