[blindkid] Anger and other behaviors in sighted mothers?

Gerardo Corripio gera1027 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 17:07:16 UTC 2010

Hi guys, especially mothers: Any of you have the experiences of feeling deep 
down anger and grief as to why the child whom you have in you during the 
pregnancy didn't turn out as you wanted him or her only to have a 
disability? Even worse the mother is more overprotective than the father is 
in that the mother sees the child as belonging to her? The child in turn 
doesn't feel confident in making decisions on his or her own having to seek 
approval from the mothers. the child starts making decisions on his or her 
own and the mother says that the child is acting behind her back? Even worse 
the mother tells the child not to give his or her oppinion because the child 
doesn't know or is dumb? Sound familiar? and how have you coped with all 
this situation and is all that is happening to me normal in blind 
children/adults? sorry for all these questions but have had time with them 
in mind.G

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