[blindkid] Caution--another Mama brag!

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Funny you should ask! At the transition meeting, which Winona reluctantly attended, she was able to express to the high school team that she WANTS to be a band director or teacher. How can she do that without Braille? The high school TVI has finally gotten the program running (they've had it two years....). The current band director took on the teaching of the music Braille himself. He admits it isn't perfect, but he's not letting that stop him for doing all he can to help Winona be all she can be. Once he jumped on board, the team was rather embarrassed that they weren't holding up their end. This band director has been the best. We were so blessed to have him for the past three years. We're moving on to high school, and he had to retire, but promises to keep working on the music with her.

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Congratulations to both of you!!! Now for the next chapter of her education. It is so wonderful to watch all of these kids grow up! Seems like I was just answering your questions on how to teach her Braille, and now you have a child earning all sorts of awards. What ever happened with the band problem?


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