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Love the wall! What a great idea! We made a template with an index card 
and a hole punch. We then put one card on top of the other to make the 
braille letters. We used glue with sand, glitter.... anything that we could
find that he wanted to touch and would work. He loved making his own 
letters. We also used muffin tins and balls and the egg cartons with plastic
eggs that opened up. Sometimes I would put the magnetic letters inside the
eggs so that he would understand that the letter in print was the same
as the Braille letter we were making with the eggs. That really helped bring
the Braille and print together in his mind. 


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Okay, so in a renewed effort to help Jack "see" those dots as meaningful, I've 
reated the letter of the week wall which features traditional braille and 
rint. I've made the print letters tactile and added traditional braille to our 
etter card and letter magnet. I also posted a jumbo size braille cell with the 
ots for K (this week) darkened to teach the appropriate dots. 
'm going to get some 6-egg egg cartons and plastic eggs to practice and I'm 
oing to see how he likes punching around with a stylus. I tried a while back 
ut it's a fine motor task so we did not have a lot of luck. 
Wish us luck!
Marie (mother of Jack born May 2005)
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