[blindkid] Seeking Advice & Concrete Suggestions on School District E-Accessibility

DrV icdx at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 18 16:14:04 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone,
We are trying to be proactive & would like for our district to take into
account accessibility issues up front as they more forward with further
web-designs & as they move into the next phase of the electronic era. I have
already shared the 2 Dept of Ed & Dept of Justice letters & FAQ. The
district has expressed openness to discussing how to move forward.
Towards this goal, I have an initial meeting with our district in the near
To facilitate the process, rather than having the district get frustrated
with expectation of having to try to figure it out on their own, I would
like to be able to specific recommendations, leads, & contacts.
I am thus seeking your advice.
I¹m working under the assumption that few individuals hired to do mainstream
tech support & manage websites for school districts have much experience or
training in how to best assure full accessibility.
Is there a ³Model School District² somewhere in the country that has already
effectively achieved compliance with the guidelines? If so can you share
their website?
Can you share examples of ³Model Websites² (any type of website) that are
both visually-attractive & fully compliant & functional?
Do you have recommendtions for a specific website(s), business(es), or
individual(s) that could guide the Tech developers in our district in how to
create a website & links that are both visually-attractive & fully compliant
& functional? It would be ideal to be able to connect the web-designers with
an individual or group that knows how to do this well.
Teachers will eventually also need to be informed/trained on e-accessibility
issues as well. Is there a website, PDF, or YouTube-type video that can do
this well?
Some teachers have their own websites & blogsites. Is there a
³Build-A-Compliant-Website² tool or easy step-by-step instructions that
would be understandable/useable to the average teachers who hasn¹t been
trained in the more complex techno-speak?
How have you locally have approached this with your districts?
If you represent or know of an organization, business, or individual who
would be willing to invest the time & resources into partnering with a
willing school district to create a ³Model District² with respect to
compliance please let me know.
Any additional insights & suggestions are very welcome.
Eric V

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