[blindkid] Sign up!!

Carlton Anne Cook Walker attorneywalker at gmail.com
Sat May 25 19:01:09 UTC 2013

Wow! That feels good!

 I just registered for the 2013 NFB Convention online AND mailed my NOPBC
NO LIMITS! Conference registration form to Pat Renfranz. I am ready for

 I encourage everyone to check these tasks off your to-do lists ASAP. Why?


   It feels good to have it done.

   You make life easier for the folks in charge of processing these

   You make your life easier by slashing the amount of time you spend at
   Convention dealing with registration. When you are preregistered, you get
   the short lines and merely need to pick up your materials. More time to
   spend visiting, exploring the hotel, and preparing for an awesome week of

   You save money. Preregistration saves $5 per person for each
   registration and $10 per person for NFB Banquet tickets.

 Don't delay! Invest a little time now for instant peace of mind and more
free time in Florida!

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