[blindkid] Audio Books for Libray time

Trudy Pickrel tlpickrel at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 14 14:35:01 UTC 2013

I need to make a huge correction in my hast to send out I realize now I did not clearify that it is Audio book during Library time.  
He has his Text books in Braille.  But I still feel at most of you that Until College Preperation He needs every piece of reading in Braille as Other Kids.  

Last night when talking to Brandon about it he understood, and made a comment "so what if it takes me days to read a book. I will still enjoy it."  Again I realize he does not realize it takes others Kids days to read a chaper book.  My BAD.  
You all have helped me put together some very firm arguments.  Again it comes back to educating the "Professionals" about the joy of Braille
The most frustrating part is that it was taken on with out my concent or involvement.

Trudy L. Pickrel
Maryland Parents of Blind Children 
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