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Hello Trudy,
In your position I would call an IEP meeting and get it in the IEP that 
"all" books will be braille and that no audio books will be used until it is 
decided at a future IEP meeting that they have become appropriate e.g.. no 
braille copy is available. Unless you have things in the IEP school 
personnel will do whatever is most convenient for them; often these 
decisions are not in the best interest of the student. Library books are one 
of the major motivators available to your son with regard to improving his 
braille reading speed. I would not allow this to continue. If you are 
constantly calling for yet another IEP meeting the school staff soon come to 
realise that you will not hesitate to make them accountable and, as their 
time is so precious to them, they really don't like getting constantly 
dragged to yet another IEP meeting. So, they will become more respectful of 
your son's rights to a free and "appropriate" education because of what you 
make it cost them when they do not.

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I need to make a huge correction in my hast to send out I realize now I did 
not clearify that it is Audio book during Library time.

He has his Text books in Braille.  But I still feel at most of you that 
Until College Preperation He needs every piece of reading in Braille as 
Other Kids.

Last night when talking to Brandon about it he understood, and made a 
comment "so what if it takes me days to read a book. I will still enjoy it." 
Again I realize he does not realize it takes others Kids days to read a 
chaper book.  My BAD.

You all have helped me put together some very firm arguments.  Again it 
comes back to educating the "Professionals" about the joy of Braille

The most frustrating part is that it was taken on with out my concent or 
The more puzzling time is both his 5th and 6th grade teachers have stated 
his reading is good and they enjoy watch and listening to him read????

Trudy L. Pickrel
Maryland Parents of Blind Children
TLC by the Lake's Standard Poodle's

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