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I have been asked to forward this information. Please note that this
opportunity is for students who can physically go to Kentucky for the
study. I have set forth the information below and have attached the same
information to this email (though the attached information may not go
thriugh the listserv).

Please do consider this opportunity for your children. By working with
entities like Pearson, we can develop better products for all blind
children and allow all blind children to more easily reach their dreams and
live the lives they want!


Dear Parent and/or Guardian:

Pearson is working with national and international accessibility and math
consultants to improve access to our digital tools and content for students
with various disabilities.  We are pleased to invite students who are in
Grades 8 through 12 to participate in a research study designed to inform
the future development of test content and the use of digital calculation
tools for math.

Our goal is to remove barriers to all content areas, including math and
science.  Through our development efforts, we hope to open doors to
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for students who have
historically experienced barriers due to their access needs.

We conduct Usability Testing with students, teachers, administrators, and
parents. One-on-One usability testing with an experienced researcher allows
us to get a clear understanding of how accessible, usable, and useful our
products are.  Student confidentiality is maintained at all times and their
identities will not be shared with anyone.
Time and Incentive to Participate:

Each appointment will take approximately 90 minutes and student
participants will be given a $150 Visa card for their participation.
We Need Students:

We are looking for students with visual impairments who are functioning at
or near grade-level.  We would like to find students who are comfortable
and familiar with using computers and who meet the following qualifications:
·         Students who are blind:

   - Grades 8-12 and functioning at or near grade level
      - Currently enrolled in or have taken Algebra I or above
      - Regularly use screen reading technology, such as JAWS, NVDA,
      Window-Eyes, or VoiceOver
      - Have experience using refreshable Braille devices
      - Use Braille for reading
      - Use Nemeth Code for Math and Science notation

·         Students who have low vision:

   - Grades 8-12 and functioning at or near grade level
      - Currently enrolled in or have taken Algebra I or above
      - Regularly use browser zoom or screen magnification software to
      access print on a computer

Parent Permission Required:

All students who participate will require a signed consent form from their
parent or guardian. Parents are welcome to ask any questions in advance of
the study, observe the session in person, and/or help their child get set
up for the session. We kindly ask that parents who choose to remain in the
room make every effort to remain on the sidelines during the session
between the student and the researcher.

The study is being conducted in the states of Arizona and Kentucky.  Within
each state, locations will vary and will be communicated with the parent or
guardian prior to the study.  Locations will be in public buildings and may
include, but not be limited to:

   - Public schools
   - Schools for the blind
   - Learning Disabilities Association Facilities
   - Universities
   - Pearson Offices, where available

If parking fees are required at any given location, Pearson will cover the
cost for parking.

Studies will be conducted in the state of:

   - Kentucky from September 21, 2015 – September 25, 2015
   - Arizona from September 28, 2015 – October 2, 2015

There will be 2-to-5, 90-minute time slots available each day.

*How to Participate:*

If you are interested in having your child participate, please click on the
link below to provide us with additional information. This information will
then be used to make sure that this study is a good fit for your child.
Please complete the survey as soon as possible so that you can get the best
choice of available time slots:

*Click here to take the survey*
Local Recruiting Support

Pearson has hired Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum, a professor of practice at The
University of Arizona, to assist us in recruitment.  Dr. Rosenblum will be
coordinating the research team’s schedule for when they are in Arizona the
week of September 28, 2015.

She will work with you and/or your child’s teacher of the visually impaired
(TVI) to set up the 90-minute time block for your child to work with the
Pearson research team.  *Please email Dr. Rosenblum at *
*rosenblu at u.arizona.edu* <rosenblu at u.arizona.edu>*,* *or call her at
520-621-1223 to discuss scheduling questions*.

If you have questions about the research and what your child will do during
the 90 minute session *please email Rusty Brandt at, *
*russell.brandt at pearson.com* <russell.brandt at pearson.com> *or call him at

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