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Sun Dec 8 18:09:17 UTC 2013

Good afternoon all,
I hope all is well with you.  Where can I find accurate information on statutes of limitation for filing a personal injury claim.  I need ti file against a small business, possibly the city of Boston, and a neighboring property owner.  The property may have been recently repossessed by the city.
I injured myself in February 2013. I was clearing a path so I could access the walk-signals to safely cross Cummins HWY and also access the MBTA Bus Stops that were blocked.  This was being done since the city and various property owners refused to shovel snow after a storm.I found out this week, that a small injury I received will possibly need surgery. I will no final details on the extent of this on later this month.
My health insurance coverage only covers limited things, and I do not qualify for full Mass Health due to income limitations since I work part-time.  I may need assistance afterwards that is not covered under general Medicare.  What can I do if anything at all?
Thank you, have a good day.

William  O’Donnell, 
Independent Distributer, 
Organo Gold Enterprises INC.

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