[blindlaw] Seeking Advice

Stewart, Christopher K chris.stewart at uky.edu
Fri Aug 15 02:38:27 UTC 2014

Hi Listers,

I have several on campus interviews coming up. The good news is, I
have a good resume and am very qualified. The bad news is, I don't
know how to communicate that the fact that I am totally blind does not
somehow mean I can't work as quickly, efficiently, or with the same
degree of quality as a sighted person.

Has anyone had luck with an on campus interview? Has anyone found a
way to allay people's concerns in the context of these 20 minute


Chris K. Stewart
University of Kentucky College of Law, J.D. Candidate, 2016
Staff Editor, Kentucky Law Journal
Co-President, American Constitution Society
California Institute of the Arts, B.F.A. 2010

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