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Good morning. I want to reiterate that your feelings are completely valid
and normal. I am glad you are taking proactive steps to ensure you are on
track. I finished law school at the end of 2014 and passed the bar exam in
2015. I am happy to help and can be contacted off list at
tai.tomasi8 at gmail.com .

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Hello all! I am a first year law school student with the first month of law
school under my belt now. And I feel already lost. I heard over and over
that this is perfectly normal for most first year students. However, I fear
I might burn out my interest for the legal profession as I get more
comfortable and acclimated with all the unique quirks of law school. In a
desperate attempt to prevent this nightmare to come into fruition, I am
looking for a good tutor that can declutter the complexities of the first
year of law school. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you

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